Il est son grand amour pour le moment.. (He is her love right now)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a smack on the ARSE

Life is short they claimed.but why did i waste half of it?
three months went by leaving me bits of ashes to grieve upon.
why is '24' a day still not enough?
or should i request for more?

six months will come with a breeze of sheer insanity.
why haven't i woke up from my reverie?
how do i know if i am doing it right?
how can i tell? are there any hints that i can ponder upon?

Australia seems near. alas! why did i steer up north?
maybe i broke my compass. or did the hourglass deceived me?
ponder now as i may. breathe in while i can. but why..

i have made my decision now.
i chose this path and i must stick to it.
no matter how heavy the rain falls nor how windy this road is, i musn't give up.
because yes! life is short.this chance, u cant buy them.
i HAVE to pull up my brawn, all of my might and will power.

may the force be with me.


nur said...

You're absolutely right.i think also had wasted my time for the past three months.Anyway,u have to be grateful as you are among the top three student in our class.I really respect you and the way you are. With great determination and positive mindset,i know you can make it!!

khair 3rd said...

top three..

fatin_banana said...

oit ajim! asal amused lak?
uhuk :(
btw thnx haniff! lets all fly to aussie!

♥ sOFIa ♥ said...

chayo puppu!

keep up the spirit and aim high :)

khair 3rd said...


it supposed to be *wow*

susah woo dpt jumpe orang top three
slalu top three kepala dier besor, penuh ngan otak, bukan tulang

p/s:bighead is a nice name don't you think?? hahha

athira said...

i can see the lights from above shining to u fatin!!

don't worry. The force will be with you if you don't stop searching for it. Keep going!! (ape yg aku tulih ni? gle..)

Plus, with all the hardworks, jgn la kita lalai kat hal2 akhirat. Things can change with doa..And remember, Allah will help those who help themselves
(tbe2 jadik ustazah..xpe, light is shining..selangkah ke surau, jom!*

fatin_banana said...

oit ajim! are u saying that im a bigheaded person?:(

oh nooo athira~
what did the 'red thing' has done to u??(u ate too many of those)
kn da nk bg tazkirah lak..hee..dua langkah ke surau la nmpknye :D

efbee said...

hehe hang in ter sis-o-loco. *muacks*

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Il est son grand amour pour le moment.. (He is her love right now)