Il est son grand amour pour le moment.. (He is her love right now)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

she's no naive dame

  • she's just a lil' miss introvert. all she wanted is to call the 'rentokil' and destroy those pests and haughty 'heiress'
  • she's not here to make any 'friends' nor foe. all she cared for is herself. yes,she's lil' miss selfish too! anyone's got problem with that? why wont people stop bugging her?
  • she doesnt need any more faux remarks by anyone. just give her space and she'll shut up.mhm call her lil' miss anti-social now eh?, thats rite.
  • she's not ur doormat anymore!or anyone else's for that matter! she's not ur stepping stone too. so get ur own grave and dig it urself! she'll wait for ur orbituary to come. call her lil' miss morbid for all she cares.
  • she's not decaying..but she seems more brittle than before?why is that so?
  • she's not here to stay. she's here to learn n succeed. she'll keep on running till her foot hurts n bleeds. she'll just 'shoo' them off whoever is in her way. yes! lets all call her lil' miss ignorant now. she wont mind. all she wanted is to be in melbourne.
  • she can not let her petty mixture of emotions control her. not this time. she wont let it happen. she's no saint. she has no shiny halo too. she just needs people to mind their own business.
  • she wanted no fame. she wanted no posts nor those short-term recognition. all she wanted is her privacy. how she'd dream to have her own privacy and just a tiny weeny space. yup that's all.that's ALL that will make her happy :)


tia said...

who is she??haha

fatin_banana said...

hmmm...let us all solve this puzle..who is SHE??
i the cannot tell here la thirot~~

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crazee peeps
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Il est son grand amour pour le moment.. (He is her love right now)