Il est son grand amour pour le moment.. (He is her love right now)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


earth hour here we come..contented,consumed with the theme song "HIJAU", i was humming it all night long having it on "playback" mode..
i feel sated. too consumed by the song lyrics..
as i reached the chorus,my heart starts to feeble..
a softer side of my aorta starts to fiddle n jiggle..its abnormal i thought at first
after awhile i then realized that "hijau" is one of the 'national service' songs!!

how i missed waking up early before dawn..marching all day long under the hot sun..
i used to hate NS..i used to cry almost everyday wishing that someone with a heart could save me from the torturous trainer at the camp..there's nothing wrong with the camp,nor the food to be blamed, i guess its just ME. i just couldn't bear having to play under the sun. it ain't near my definition of FUN at all, like those commercials that they have on national television, its overrated!

how i missed people calling me "wirawati".."wirawati! jgn main mata dengan wira!".
"wirawati! PT 10".

i wasn't good enuff to be called a true wirawati. why? becoz there was this one time, i got punished for having this HUUUUUUUUge steel lugage that i kept inside the dorm. everyone brought their tiny puny lugage that can be put under the bed with ease. unlike mine, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to put it under the bed. people teased and called me names for having such a gigantic carrier. one night, a trainer confiscate my lugage becoz it doesnt meet the 'standard' size of lugage to be brought to NS! and so i was called-up infront of those sea of people in my NS camp. my enormous carrier was put up for 'auction' on stage. my face went flaming red! the trainer, they emptied all of my precious belongings and be it a jumble sale for everyone to enjoy.
they saw EVERYTHING! from my teddy bear to my under garments! that night was one of the unforgettable ones..i wept and broke into tears..why should i be embarassed in front of those wira and wrawati just for the size of my lugage?its kinda absurd actually..

alas,days went by and some of the trainee, had short-term memory loss.. my huge lugage wasn't being discriminated at the end of the NS days..NS doesnt seem that bad after a month and i got used to the trainings and strict regimes.. i kinda wish if i could 'rewind' and go trough NS all over again. so that this time, i could bring a smaller bag and cherish every moment and capture it to be xeroxed for the future.




♥ sOFIa ♥ said...

i know that NS luggage storyy :)

hehee :P

fatin_banana said...

huhu yup :P i told u edi right den den..
the 'nasty' NS lugage..
damn -.-'

khair 3rd said...

it must be a huge and unhuggable bag


NS sux, all my parents tax are wasted just like that....

fatin_banana said...

huhu ajim ni..ur parents bayar tax pon nk ckp its a waste!hm..mmg sux pon,tp its a wonderful experince~

khair 3rd said...

i noticed that two of your friends have some kind of pangkat on their shoulders right??

fatin_banana said...

yup..itu lah name die AC squad..
or they call it 'balak 2 or 3'
(ikot brape byk stripes ade kt collar tu)
the more stripes,the higher ur rank^^

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

Mude2 memang banyak pengalaman memalukan.. Itu la nanti yg membuatkan kite ketawa sorang2 bile ingat balik.. haha!

khair 3rd said...

yup betul tu indera!!

ko pun ader citer gak

athira said...

alaa...nenek x pnah crte pon!
nseb baek x kne camtuh. heee:D
why la u bwk barang byak2??

fatin_banana said...

tira!how la i wana tell this story to u my malu lagi wanna tell some more..haha(knapa kita berbicara mcm sherry nih)? o.O

u know la me mane suke camping2 ni..lg PLKN..haaa..tu yg angkut satu rumah dlm beg besi!
malu woooo :(

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