Il est son grand amour pour le moment.. (He is her love right now)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

mom..take me home :(


ok i was supposed to have written this on that particular date,but no thanks to this super duper SLooow internet connection,its march edi and im poofed! but what the heck! who cares?haha
on the night of 27feb, we had a cook-out together(residents of house 67) was fun because we spare some time to cook and have dinner outside at the balcony of our was no fancy night..just the roof top and us..this tikar was placed on the floor and it was kinda like a picnic,but only this time,we are all in our pajamas..unfortunately tho, someone forgot about the 'veggie soup' and the house all went dark..the soup,,,its ALIVE! we went berserk but managed to control here's a picture of our 'sumptuos' meal..
it aint prepared to perfection,but we dont care as long as we got each other..the colourful cups there were from athira(got it from IKEA)..haha..she gave us all each..mine's the orange one..:P
to tell ya the truth, we were laughing and chit-chatting wildly tru the night..i was 'competing' with hani who could burp the was hillarious! and in the end we were glued down and had quite a rough time trying to get up since we were so full..haha..full stop!

ok now,im in a dilemma..time is ticking and i am nowhere near ready to sit for maths test on thursday..why?because my sis got me this jason mraz consert ticket on wednesday night!! i know its awesome and i should be jumping madly singing "i'm yours" all the way tru the week..but i dont fancy conserts and stuffs..i am a certified nerd who likes to sit on my table and stay in my sisters so eager to go and i aint moved at all by this whole idea of going to watch him perform live JUST because the next day, i would be facing 'APPLICABLE MATHS" it me,or am i a bore to be with??

here is 'him' stuck to my wall..(ignore those papers sticking to the board)..i have to make my decision now whether to stay home or join my sis..after all, i have the ticket with me..and i could just give it away to some needy homeless chap..but then again,who would wana go??

now i am having this emotional turmoil boiling up inside of me..half of me are screaming pleading to go back home!!!! i miss home..


Ms efbee said...

auww so cute cups...(plus,i c orange color ;p)
nwy cheerio dear. kp up d spirit oh yeah!

khair 3rd said...

Sang a long 'I'm yours' last night??

fatin_banana said...

hehe yup
i sang "im yours"
it was funnnnnnnn

nur said...

nice cup
can I borrow?(the orange cup)

miss eLyA =) said...

er dude. did u just said u DONT want to go to the concert,AND u said WHO whould WANT to go??



wat about me?!?

im like,freaking crazy over him man!! i have all his songs and sort! yeah im crazy deep shit about him!!


jeles ok u dapat pegi!!


hee muah rindu u.

mon amour

mon amour
la familia

crazee peeps

crazee peeps
housemats..(ain xde)

RSVP muah

Il est son grand amour pour le moment.. (He is her love right now)